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What do we do?

Pest control

The mice in some contexts are considered pests that damage and destroy crops and grain storage bins, which also cause structural damage damaging wirings, structures, besides being a vector for various diseases, most often provided by their faeces as salmonellosis, low wall typhus, scabies and leptospirosis.


Among the main problems that cockroaches can cause to humans is their role as mechanical vectors of many pathogens (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worms and viruses).
Domestic cockroaches are responsible for the transmission of various diseases through the paws and faeces by where they pass. So they are considered hazardous to human health.


The fly can land on food and contaminate it with bacteria, responsible for the spread of numerous diseases.
It is one of the most common insects and a fixture in most of the Earth's climate.


While not all species of ants build anthills, many are authentic engineering works, usually underground, with a complex system of tunnels and chambers with special functions for storing food for the queen, the "nursery", where they are treated larvae, etc.
Ants are useful because they can help exterminate other harmful insects and aerating the soil. On the other hand, they can become a pest when invade houses, gardens and fields. The "ants carpenter" destroy wood sticking it to make their nests.


Bedbugs are wingless insects of the order Hemiptera and family Cimicidae, external parasites of various animals which, as well as fleas, feed exclusively from the blood.


Moths have a great attraction to light. Often the moths show the behavior of flying in circles around lights, especially of artificial lights.


It is in the larval stage that the woodworm damages the wood, eating and drilling it. These pests can damage invaluable antiques and even the structural components of buildings. Some of these can even live comfortably in totally dry wood.


It is a serious and worrying plague, now proven in clear threat to many of the palm trees of our country. Given its severity, the European Union considered this mandatory fight pest by Decision 2007/ 365/ EC on emergency measures to prevent its spread. The attack of this beetle can lead to death of a palmtree in a few days.


Lepisma saccharina, popularly known as silverfish is an insect devoid of wings that feeds on carbohydrates such as sugars and starch.


They are of the most troublesome pests. They have a reddish color, are excellent jumpers can jump vertically from a height of approximately 18 cm and 33 cm horizontally. The adult insects can survive two months to a year without feeding and can sparsely populated houses or animals being more susceptible to infestations. Fleas not only cause discomfort to their bites, but also health problems, such as allergic dermatitis, transmit viruses, worms and diseases caused by bacteria.


Between 15 and 191 pairs of legs depending on species and size. Most large centipedes species uses the legs to dive into the ground, and as few crawling insects, it covers the hole that is on earth always to pass, as a form of defense. They are provided predators with a claw poison. The poison is not dangerous to humans, except in case of allergic reaction.


São animais que vivem no exterior em locais húmidos, por debaixo de pedras, troncos, folhas, etc. Alimentam-se de matéria vegetal em decomposição. É uma praga que tenta evitar o contacto direto com a luz do dia. Tem uma cor preta ou castanho-escuro, possuem um corpo cilíndrico, têm dois pares de patas por cada seguimento do corpo, sendo que a maioria das espécies possuem de 40 a 100 seguimentos no corpo, sendo assim no total são 160 à 400 patas. Tendem a invadir os edifícios e habitações quando as condições exteriores não são as mais favoráveis (muito secas). Também tendem a entrar nos edifícios quando chove muito ou faz muito frio. They are animals that live outdoors in damp places, under rocks, logs, leaves, etc. They feed on decaying vegetable matter. It's a plague trying to avoid direct contact with the light of day. It has a black or dark brown color, have a cylindrical body, have two pairs of legs for each segment of the body, with most species have 40-100 segments in the body, thus the total is 160 to 400 feet. They tend to break into buildings and dwellings when outdoor conditions are not the most favorable (very dry). They also tend to enter the building when it rains a lot or the weather is very cold.


Weevils are small beetles that can infest rice and grain based food stored in your pantry, as well as ingredients for cakes, cookies and more. The Weevils infest your food when the female digs and lays its eggs in the grains, cereals and rice. Although the infestation can be detected early, sometimes the person only realizes weeks or months later after the eggs have hatched.

Pine processionary

Localizadas em arruamentos, parques, escolas e espaços privados. Em determinada fase do seu desenvolvimento, esta praga pode produzir efeitos indesejados e por vezes graves, na saúde de pessoas e animais, pelo que importará controlar atentamente a sua presença e ação no espaço urbano. Located in streets, parks, schools and private spaces. At some stage of its development, this pest can produce unwanted effects and sometimes serious, in health of people and animals, so matter closely monitor their presence and action in the urban space.

Among others

BIODOURO fights any type of pest. Contact us, in case what you're looking for isn't listed here.

Protected species control

Doves are urban pests protected by law. They transmit various diseases to humans mainly by airways through inhalation of dry stool. The main diseases are cryptococcosis (deep mycosis that can cause inflammation in the brain and meninges), histoplasmosis and ornithosis (lung infections caused by fungi), toxoplasmosis (cell infection that attacks many organs, caused by protozoa), salmonella (intestinal infection caused by bacteria in contaminated food), psittacosis (headache, high fever and chills caused by viruses) and dermatitis. Some of these diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, can cause blindness, miscarriage and even death.


Like the doves, the turtledoves are accustomed to human presence, favoring the trees for nesting. They feed preferably seeds and grains being slightly smaller than the doves. Also they are diffusing diseases to humans, severely damaging the urban spaces with their droppings.


The presence of large numbers of seagulls in urban areas is a problem common to most coastal cities. Nuisance caused by seagulls relate to dirt caused by their droppings, the noise due to appeals and corners, particularly during the breeding season, and aggression associated with the reproductive phase of seagulls protect their nests and potential threats.


The bee concerned with their own survival and in charge of the hive protection as a whole, has a sting in the back to attack in situations supposed danger. This stinger has small barbs, which prevents it from being easily removed from the human skin. The bee sting in humans is very painful. The stinger is attached to its poisonous system that causes the skin of the victim slightly swell in the region (about 2 cm around), which may become red, sore and itchy for up to two days.


The snakes are animals that are among the most feared by humans and there is a lot of curiosity about these fascinating predators.


Geckos are harmless, are not poisonous or cause any skin disease. Geckos are even very beneficial because they feed on various insects (including flies and mosquitoes) and spiders, contributing to the control of these species. People think that these animals are dangerous and poisonous, and therefore whenever you see them try to kill them, which puts into question the survival of this species.

Among others

BIODOURO "fights" any type of protected species. Contact us, in case what you're looking for isn't listed here.


In general, we can say that there are different types of fungi and also that they are a very simple living being. Among their differences, there are those that are extremely harmful to human health, causing many diseases. There are also those that parasitize plants and dead animals. The ones that serve to feed and to those which can extract important drugs for humans, such as penicillin. Mold is another type of fungus that comes through spores, almost microscopic cells that are always floating in the air, this chooses dark and damp places to play. Therefore, there is a greater number of mold in damp environments, such as walls, cabinets, drawers, etc.


Bacteria can cause a lot of diseases in humans and animals, from small caries to big infections which may lead to death.

Among others

BIODOURO's team is ready for any type of disinfection. Contact us.

Products and Environmental Control
  • Washing and cleaning of water tanks
  • Analysis and water potability certification
  • Odorants and neutralizers odors
  • Installation and maintenance of fly killers
  • Bednets
  • Oil test

How do we do?

By placing professional scrubbers we make the management of BOX, equipped with a professional range of working methods, we got a higher return / quality, our scrubbers being still followed by a service supervisor who aids them continuously in the resolution of daily issues and performs a weekly briefing with the head APV in order to continuously improve the team's performance.

We sell and apply products and recognized quality equipment at national level.

We only use hand labor specialized either in the assessment phase and the implementation phase and later in monitoring functions, thus providing a large team of professionals trained by ITEL.

We provide services through personnel carefully selected by our recruitment center, providing our customers high quality standard services.


Following the strictest safety criteria, the employees of BIODOURO have at their disposal besides the constant safety training the following equipment:

  • Safety boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Seat belt for work at height
  • Anti dust mask
  • Anti solvent mask
  • Safety and work clothing (reflective vest, gowns, custom poles and jackets, coveralls)
  • Ear protectors
  • Safety manual
  • First aid kit
  • Helmet
  • Employees ID
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